Pit Children – part 21

Julie began to see her mother with different eyes.   She saw a woman who liked her job more than her family.   A woman who went to work and focused on work and brought work home.

A woman who didn’t love her.

Forget that her mother was on the PTA, forget that she always took Julie out on the weekends.  Forget the clothes she bought, the interest she evidenced;  her brothers told her that her mother had particular faults and failures,  so Julie took it as true.

Her brothers told Julie how Mama threw them away and the only reason that she didn’t throw Julie away was because of Albert.

Perhaps if Julie had been brighter, had considered that her brothers weren’t speaking out of love for her but hatred of their mother… but she didn’t.

Julie, who, as many daughters of her age, had the kind of envy/jealousy of her mother. She would believe  anything which dropped her down a few notes, especially when told to her by her beloved brothers.


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Written by jaylar

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