Pit Children – part 17

Paul and John decided to get on their mother’s good side.  They concocted stories and attitudes as if it were a military campaign.

Their purpose was not in linking with their mother, not getting to know their sister, not exorcising and demons they may have;  their purpose was to get close to their baby sister and make her hate her mother.

They had devoted years working on the minds of their half brothers.   They did, said, whatever necessary to make the children of Zel  turn against their father.  It had taken years, yes, but Neville’s sons with his 2nd wife, Zel, hated him.   Rabidly hated their father.

They were so successful that when Zel divorced their father she got a restraining order against him, to prevent him coming near his children.

But Zel was no fool.   She knew it was the Pit Children, Paul and John who had perverted her children, so got a restraining order against them, to keep them from their half brothers.

This wasn’t that hard, as the step-brothers hated Paul and John as much as they hated their father.

With Paul and John out of their lives, they  were able to breathe,  to see reality.   To realise that the version that  P & J  pushed was false.   Without P & J and their father in their lives, they were able to excel, attend university, be successful.

P & J graduated High School with low scores, no skills, and no aspirations.   They lived to manipulate others.

As Pit Children, their purpose in life was not to gain the love of anyone, but to turn people against their mother and father.

Although they would vociferous shout  what a ‘great mother’ their grandmother had been, this was obliterated by their anger and hatred of their parents who ‘threw them away’.

If one got them talking one would hear about how they never were taken anywhere, how they never had a birthday party, on and on and on…. yet, insist, their Grandmother had been a ‘Great Mother.’


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