Pit Children – part 13

Paul and John had lived with their Grandmother, Olga, from the ages of 4 and 3 respectively, to 7 and 6 when then were taken by their father,Neville.

During the three years with Olga, whether it was her words, the words of her son and daughter, or their own constructs, they developed a hatred for heir father. They wanted to stay with their Grandmother who virtually worshiped them.

Their father treated them with no greater deference then he did the children he had with his second wife, Zel.

They hated her and they hated their step siblings.

During the first two years, when they lived with their father and step mother,  Olga visited as often as she could.  They always greeted her as if she were a saviour, and begged her to take them.

To preserve his marriage, Neville had sent them to her for visits  during the various school breaks.

It wasn’t until Zel divorced Neville that P & J  were finally gifted to Olga.  At this point Paul was 15 and John was 14.

At first Olga was overjoyed, but that didn’t last long.  She began to appreciate they had a streak of evil.  That they lived to upset and destroy, to lie and trick.

Olga was afraid them.

Just after  Paul’s seventeenth birthday, he got into trouble with the law. Before being captured,  Olga sent him to live in house she had purchased in another city for her retirement.

Once he was gone, Olga assumed John would change without Paul around.

This did not happen.

John went into a kind of hibernation, and as soon as he graduated High School, he raced to be with Paul.

Olga, their grandmother, the person who had encouraged their mother not to take them, who had fought with their father to keep them, was not unhappy to see them go.


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