Pit Children – part 12

Sandra,  who had married and had a daughter  had been dissuaded from taking her sons.  It was Olga’s own words which had sent her away those years ago.

Had Olga been silent, Sandra would have taken the boys when they were young.   Maybe they would have prevented her second marriage, maybe they would not have turned into the horrible pit children they were.

If Olga had let Sandra take them, they could not claim their mother ‘abandoned’ them.

It was her fault.

Her fault that Paul and John turned against their own mother, her fault that Sandra was out of their lives.   Her fault that P & J hated their own mother.

Olga had not blamed herself for the horrible creatures P & J had become.  She had blamed Neville, she had blamed his second wife, Zel.

And then, in a moment of reflection, realised, if she never had offered them a sanctuary, they might have not destroyed their father’s marriage.

If they had no where to go, they might have tried to be sons to Neville and his second wife.


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Written by jaylar

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