Pit Children – part 10

Olga, Neville’s mother, had born four children.  One had died.

For some reason,  the sons of Neville and his first wife, Sandra reminded her of that  child.

From birth, Olga loved Paul and John to an almost fanatical level.  She was the obvious venue when the marriage of Sandra and Neville began to disintegrate.

They hadn’t thought their sons would live with Olga more than a year or two.  They had no idea that when Olga received Paul and John she had no intention of giving them up.

They knew she loved their sons, but not to the extent she would so captivate them that they would want to stay with her and never return to their parents.

Paul and John saw their Aunt Roberta and Uncle Bobby as rivals for Olga’s attention.  During the years  they  lived in Grandma’s house they squeezed  out her own children.

It nearly broke Olga’s heart when Neville took them to live with him and his new wife, Zel.    Roberta and Bobby were happy they were gone.  They got their mother back.

After a few years, Neville began to ship them to visit Olga on holidays and some weekends, trying to maintain his marriage.

When P & J came, they cried about how they suffered with their evil step-mother, Zel.

Finally, when the marriage between Zel and Neville collapsed, Olga received her beloved grand children full time.

And  This time, she would never give them up.

Olga’s daughter, Roberta, (who had recently married),  announced she was not going near the house as long as Paul and John were there.

Bobby, Olga’s son, moved out.  He was not going to put up with Paul and John’s lies, tricks, evil, and have to spend his life defending himself to his own  mother.

Yet Olga felt victorious in regaining P & J.  She let everything and everyone else go.

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