Pit Children – 5

Although Zel had wanted to be the perfect mother, she had to keep  Paul and John, the sons of her husband Neville, at a distance.  Having tried to mother them and receiving only coldness and anger, she retreated.

Every so often, one of them, or both, would try to act loving.  After she fell for it the first three times,  Zel  blocked them out and focused on her own children, as she produced one every fourteen months.

When she was at work, she had a special nanny who was instructed to keep Paul and John from her children.

When her children were old enough to attend school, she sent them to a different one than Paul and John attended, to keep them apart,   On every occasion she had seen P & J near her children, they either physically abused them or tried to fill their head with evil lies, such as saying they were adopted or something equally upsetting.

Zel spoke to Neville, but he was proving to be rather unpleasant, as his sons.   She began to understand why Sandra had left Neville, and why she didn’t fight to get custody of P & J.

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