Pit Children – 46

When Julie reflected, she remembered how she had called her half brothers every day.  How she had considered herself part of their lives.

She recalled how she had listened to every nasty word they had said against their mother and agreed.  She had accepted every flaw their indicated as if true.

John had never told her he was getting divorced.   Julie was nothing to him.   No more significant than a garbage collector.    It was when Julie phoned  Donna, John’s ex-wife  she learned about the divorce.

John never told Julie he had  a girlfriend.   John never told her the girlfriend was pregnant.

It was little Nina talking to her cousin Nancy, John’s daughter, who dispensed the information.

After all the years of confiding in him, treating him as her brother, calling him and visiting, that he could so exclude her, hurt.

Julie felt betrayed, insulted, demeaned.

Angry, she called John.  He didn’t pick up.  She called Paul, his phone wasn’t answered.

The next day she used a public phone, John answered, she asked why he never told her about the divorce, the girlfriend, the pregnancy or the birth.

He asked her how she knew, and she stupidly told him.

That was the end of calls between his daughter, Nancy, and her daughter, Nina.


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Written by jaylar