Pit Children – 42

John’s wife divorced him. Divorced him, demanded and received half of the house. Subsequently, the house was put up for sale.

John having no where to go, was taken in by Paul and his new girl friend, (whom he would subsequently marry secretly.)

John, being humbled and humiliated, crawled to Paul, for he had no one else. Paul exulted in rehashes of how ‘you cheated me out of my half of Grandma’s house’  repeated on a regular basis.

John hated being there, hated the constant slurs. But had no choice.

It was a full three month after the Divorce, the losing of the houses, that Julie learned of it. Wondering why John never answered she had called her ‘best friend’ Donna.

Donna treated Julie with contempt, told her;

“Me and your brother divorced months ago. Leave me out of your life. Don’t call me again!”  and hung up.

Julie was shocked. She had no idea that John and his wife were not getting along. No one had said a word to her. Not her ‘best friend’ Donna, not her ‘brother’ John. As far as she had known they were married and living together.

As far as she knew…

How had they left her out of their lives?

Instead of appreciating she was nothing to them, instead of considering why she had been left out, she thought to offer sanctuary to John and Nancy.

As she went to speak to Everett he said ‘No’ without explanation.

Having been married for over eight years, Julie appreciated Everett didn’t argue. Julie was not going to risk her marriage. She told herself that John would rather be with Paul.


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