Pit Children – 31

What  was so significant about Paul and John was not simply their resentment towards their parents, but their need to destroy the relationship between their half-siblings and their parents.

When  they lived with their father and step-mother they worked hard to twist and destroy their love and respect for their parents.

This was partially successful.

The  sons of Zel and Neville grew to hate their father, and were happy  when their mother divorced him.  Divorced him and got a restraining order against Him and his pit children, Paul and John.

For the children of Zel, hated Paul and John.

Taking credit for destroying their father’s marriage, Paul and John now focused on their mother’s daughter, Julie.

They  tried to make her think they loved Julie and that her parents were  rubbish.  They failed when they spoke against her father, because she became angry and turned against them.   They twisted their words, and only focused on Sandra.  They were pretty good in turning her against her own mother.

The mother who looked after her, who took her places, who made her those birthday parties and was always there.

To destroy the relationship between their mother and Julie would be a great victory for them.


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