Pit Children – 29

When Julie reached eighteen she took a job in another city,  just one over from where Paul and John lived.

Sandra called her, but Julie always seemed busy or didn’t answer. So Sandra stopped.

Albert had a good relationship with Julie. It was through Julie’s sharing that  Sandra learned her son, Paul, had married secretly and was divorced just as secretly.

She learned her second son, John, had a wedding at a Caribbean all-inclusive.

They had left her, and father, off the invitations.

John’s excuse for not inviting Julie was that  they didn’t want her to tell her mother.  This sounded stupid to Albert and he said so.

Sandra, doing a time line, matched Paul’s marriage to shortly after her visit.

Years ago, Sandra had come to spend time with her sons. They had been coarse and complaining, whining about not having a birthday party when they were eight. Julie had come up and having experienced a performance of Paul’s fixation, did not leave her in the city with them, but had her return home.

It was a month after this visit that Paul  married. She hadn’t an inkling he was seeing anyone. Clearly he didn’t want here or Julie to meet his bride. They were divorced sometime after. John must have married in that same period.

Checking email, she had been in contact with them around the time of their marriage and Paul’s subsequent divorce.

How clever they were!

To provoke arguments, to get her to stop communicating so that it would  be ‘her fault’ that she didn’t know about their marriages!


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