Out of Destruction – part 11


Cord got me into the training program to become a Fire Fighter.  I did more than my best.  For the first time I was driven.   I wanted to score the highest, do the most, be the best.

And I was.  I came first in my class.

I was sent to a Fire House to begin my working career.  Going from the very bottom, doing better than everyone else, I was then transferred to another house, starting at a higher level.

Then,  when I was a true ‘smoke eater’ I joined Cord at his.

We were living in the Camper when Myra, the widow of a colleague of Cord’s, virtually demanded we move into her basement flat.

She talked about Bobby, her husband who had died in a fire, and made it seem that living with her was what he would have wanted.

She told me a lot about Cord, things I hadn’t known.  I watched him when she talked, he seemed more uncomfortable than proud.   I knew he was a hero, I’d known that the moment I met him.   Now I had some backstory.

Cord was half and half about moving in, so parked the camper on the property. The basement flat was pretty fine.

Life was so easy.   The work was hard, dangerous, but our life together was wonderful.  And now, with Myra cooking for us, washing our clothes, using us as the family she didn’t,  we didn’t have,  it was even better.


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