Out of Destruction – part 10

Life Flows

We traveled to the city where he was living.  I got the feeling that this wasn’t where he was born or grew up.   It was an impression I didn’t verbalise.

He worked as a Fireman.  He had 24 hour schedules, so would work all Monday and be off all Tuesday,  be on all Wednesday, etc.

When he was gone, I went to the cemetery to find a name I could use.  The name belonged to a girl born two years after me who died at the age of twelve.

I then went to get her birth certificate.   This took longer than I expected.  I came home to the camper, did a cleaning of it, then went to bed.

Cord was home the next day and we were together, just being together, going here and there, then home.

The following day, when he was at work I got a social security card in my new name.  Then I registered to take a High School Equivalency exam.

In a previous life I had graduated University, so it was rather easy.

During the time between, I went to the address where her/my parents lived, and walked around, building ‘memories’.   I went to a nearby school, and looked at it, imagined going there.   I walked to a playground, I went along the roads, making myself familiar with the city.

it wasn’t long before I sat the Exam and got my High School diploma.

I let a bit more time pass, and when I felt  it was the right time, I asked Cord if he  thought I could become a fire fighter in this city.

I said it as if I had held that job in the city where we met.

He smiled, said he’d help.


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