No Emergency Services

Lets just take an interesting look at a current situation. A city has a mayor with some very specific views and he/she doesn’t like the way company FAKE does their job. So as a way of protesting the mayor says if anyone who works for company FAKE calls police or 911 do not go help them. We don’t support their way to doing business.

I really wouldn’t have considered this a “thing”. I really didn’t believe it when I heard it. I truly hoped the country had not become so divided that this would be happening. I find it appalling.

Clearly the name of the company is not FAKE. The reason I didn’t use the actual name is that I am interested in your thoughts, not knowing who the company is and what they do. I just want to know on principal is it acceptable to refuse emergency services to a citizen based on the company they work for. 

So feel free to leave a simple comment and let me know if you think it is an ethical practice.


What do you think?


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