You never know how the day will end

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although I had several other errands to fit into the day.

All went well on the inbound journey – apart from the taxi choosing the underpass heading to Marylebone but then the choices are difficult with so many roads now No Entry.

All went well and when I finished I walked up to Oxford Street to John Lewis to look for a dress for my granddaughter. I found the dress and also bought my Christmas Cards – very early but saves the crowds.

Whilst in the store I went to look at the shoes. I have always worn heels but since I had a bad break in my leg some years ago I have to opt for the kitten heels. I found a pair of black kitten heel sling backs so decided to buy them whilst they were available.

After this I took a taxi back to the station and boarded the train. As I was carrying several bags momentarily I put them on the table – only to realize that I had placed the shoes on the table; I am superstitious and placing new shoes (unworn) on a table is one of the ‘unlucky’ superstitions. I told myself not to worry about this – it was probably ridiculous!

I opened my handbag to discover my phone charger was missing. I realized that I had obviously left it in the salon. I called my hairdresser; he found the charger and assured me he would post it to me.

The journey went smoothly and I reached the house. The dog was quite settled; I sorted out my shopping, prepared a snack and played with the dog whilst watching some television.

Later I started to prepare for bed. The dog went into the kitchen and I closed the gate and returned to the sitting room to turn off the television. There is a step down into the room and as I stepped the sole of my mule caught on the carpet, my foot came out of the mule and I lost my footing and hit the floor with my forehead. It is a wooden floor but fortunately I landed with my head on the rug. It was extremely painful but I was concerned if I had done any real damage.

After a short interval I pulled myself up onto the sofa. I phoned my son and told him what I had done. He questioned me forensically, and decided that I needed a cold compress on the forehead but probably was not concussed. He stayed on the phone for some thirty minutes and then decided I was probably safe to walk upstairs. The cold compress had helped the swelling but it was obvious there was some grazing. I felt a bit shaky. It took a while to get to sleep and the forehead was very painful when I awoke during the night.

However, the following morning I applied some antiseptic cream to grazed area which helped.

My son thought I may have a black eye by next day and I was pleased to find that did not happen. However, I now see that there is pale but multi-coloured bruising appearing not only on the forehead but down the side of the nose.

The only consolation is that – it could have been worse!

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  1. Aw, man, I am so sorry that that happened to you. But you’re so lucky it wasn’t worse, you know? There’s people that might have freak accidents and harm or even kill themselves by the accidents. Tha k goodness you are safe from real deep harm. I have never broken a bone in my body, but I can’t imagine what that would feel like. But I also definitely know what hitting my head is like and it doesn’t feel good.

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