Abusers  never change.  Whether they are an ex-husband or ex-boss, they never  change.

They can’t.

They can pretend to be different, fool those who don’t know  them well, but remain who they are, an abuser.

Abusers have inferiority complexes.

Whether they behave as if they are kings or have money and power, no matter what they attain in life,  they will never lose that concept that they are inferior.

The only method they know to make themselves feel equal is to abuse another person.

Nothing is more significant  than making another person their victim.   An abuser can lose money, position,  even life, nothing equals that need in them to demean another person.

The events I will describe are true.  They are not embellished.   Those who have been victims of an abuser, whether they married him or worked for him,  will be struck by the similarities, for there is one thing about Abusers, their sick world view is standard, and never changes.

The only difference between a twenty two year old abusive husband and a sixty two year old abusive husband may be the methods, but the need to demean and discomfort another person remains intact.

Abusers never change.  Giving an abuser a second chance is risking your life.


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Written by jaylar

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