Missing Someone

It has been three plus months since we are quarantined.

It has been three plus months since I’ve seen my partner.

This pandemic really sucks.

everyday I wish this virus is over and we are all move forward in welcoming the new normal.

Bring back the economy and meet our love ones.

My partner lives 135.2 km away from the place where I live.

I really miss him so much.

And even though I don’t say it everyday, I miss every thing that we do before the pandemic came.

I miss the movie marathons.

I miss our walks.

I miss our dinners and lunches.

I miss eating krispy kreme donuts with him.

I miss our cuddles.

I miss his smell.

I miss everything.

I miss his family, of course.

I really hope this pandemic would finally come to an end.

To you, who misses someone, never hesitate to tell him or her “I miss you!”

Never hesitate to show affection ESPECIALLY in times of this virus.

Everyday is a blessing.

Let us stay strong together and get through this together!


What do you think?


Written by Vanessa

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