Manifestation over Rebellion (Part 31): Words too fat

In life, some things do not need to be said because the words in the sentences are too fat.  The words can be filled with pride, the words can be filled with puffed-up flattery, or the words can be filled with hot air that basically are not productive.  Keep your pockets fat not flat, but keep your words free from being stout towards another person.  Here are four tips on how to keep your words from being inflated with nonsense.

1. Stop speaking negative words.  In a world that is so cruel, it can be difficult at times to prevent oneself from saying negative words.  However, continuing to speak words of positivity will help to improve your situation because your words can propel you through an unfavorable circumstance.  We all have storms within our lives, but speaking negative words will keep you in the storm instead of moving out of the storm.

2. Listen.  The more that you listen to others, the less of a chance for you to say something in error.  Listening to others will allow for you to understand what others are going through instead of disrespecting someone with your mouth when someone is down.  The person that you choose to listen to could one day be the one helping you out when you are having a difficult time.

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3. Stay out of stubborness.  You know that touching a hot stove will burn your hand.  However, some people will continue to touch the hot stove like it won’t burn them the next time.  Continuing to do something wrong until you are caught is not a good way to live life.

4. Never act like you have ever said anything wrong.  We all say some things wrong from time to time, but do not deny that you never said anything wrong.  Be true to yourself so that you can be transparent in dealing with others on a daily basis.

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