Hello everyone to this point as i type this little story or bio on Dubzanator you see a little bit about him on Youtube and what i like doing in my spare time. Well now im still posting videos on Youtube and Sundays i started #SUNDAYMANIAC its pretty much all music you can listen to while at work or just chillin with the family. I am not going to Lie i put this music on when i can at work just to help work vibes better and im not so bored lol. I love flying drones and airplanes back when i was 7 years old i got hooked on flying Rc Planes.(Radio controlled aircrafts). I upgraded to ones with gas engines and yea buddy was a blast. Then i moved to Stearling Co got married and lost iof being able to listen to intrest for a while. Came back to Denver Co After 2 years and had enough of just being able to listen to 1 station which was country could not get any other stations. Dont get me wrong i like country but i wanted something different. Got Divorced and pretty much started over. After a few years went by i got back into flying rc plans again once you start you never will forget someone told me and its very true thanks Dad! thanks to him i got introduced into flying FPV (FIRST PERSON VIEW) with drones and airplanes OMG this is so much fun! Today i have like 4 or 6 drones and a Zephry II WING i am working on trying to fly cuz my dad started it and never got a chance to finish it. I  got it all ready and programed and almost ready for FIRST FLIGHT. I WILL KEEP YOU POSTED WHEN I POST IT ON YOUTUBE!! And that my friends is where i am at today and i will end this short BIO with HAPPY FLYING And Dont Stop EVEN IF YOU CRASH AND BURN!! NEVER GIVE UP!!!!!!



Click on link below to see intro to my DIY RACING DRONE


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