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Life as a digital Mom! (Set Parental Control On Kids )

Motherhood is undoubtedly a blessing and in the current world where technology has become an essential figure in our lives. Today moms have to become a digital one. I am not saying moms should behave like robots and machines.

I mean they have to know how to use the technological creatures their kids and teens are using these days. If you are a mom and you have bought plenty of devices for your children then you need to be a digital mom. Otherwise, you could lack with the digital parenting responsibilities that every mom should be aware of.

Therefore, life as a digital mom would make you confident to deal with the online activities of your children and teens to the fullest. So, tech moms have to deal with the technology and digital parenting of children all day long.

But life as digital mom seems hectic. However, technology helps out moms these days but it makes them boring most of the time. Therefore, management does matter in the lives of digital moms. In the modern world, people love tech in all forms and fashion and we all have become tech geek but always refuse to get bored. Let’s the hurdles digital moms are facing when it comes to digital parenting.

Digital Moms and Digital Children

digital mom and children

Digital moms can easily get aware of the fact that what their kids and teens are doing on their cell phones and computer devices. They can easily get aware of the latest trends that are popular among teens.

Digital moms also use social media apps and websites on their personal devices. Digital moms usually know about the online predators such as stalkers, cyber bullies, and sexual predators that can contact their tweens and teens.

Because they can set parental control on kids and teens devices and get to know what their children are doing on the cellphones connected to the internet. They can get to know about the messages, conversations, audio, and video conversations and shared media files like photos and videos to the fullest.

Because moms are digital and they know how to deal with the teens who always lurk on social messaging apps such as Facebook, Yahoo, Tinder, Line, WhatsApp and others alike. So, digital moms simply can deal with the digital citizen’s children easily. On the other hand, moms that are not tech-savvy or non-digital they would have real issues in their lives especially when it comes to digital parenting. They may utilize typical parenting styles to control the rise of digital citizenship of children. It might be possible non –tech savvy mommies remain unaware of the fact that their teens are used of talking with strangers on instant messaging apps and also use dating apps. Moreover, let’s discuss life as digital mom is either good or bad?

Digital Mom VS Non-digital Moms

When it comes to the moms that are not tech-savvy always concerned about their children at schools and when teens and kids always spend time on their gadgets even at the dinner or breakfast timings. Being non-tech-savvy they are unaware of the fact that young kids and teens are obsessed with social media and cyberspace. Non-digital moms often get annoyed on children digital activities and often remain clueless about the hidden digital activities of children. People talk to them about the online dangers that become curious and scary and remain helpless to protect their children from social media addiction and other vulnerabilities.

However, digital moms are the ones who are more likely to use their cell phones in terms of shopping accessory compare to the moms those are not digital. It means that digital moms are constantly attached to the technology and use it in their everyday life. However, digital moms usually are working moms and they work 8 hours a day outside the house in an office or business company. So, digital moms always seem interacted with the media in one form or another even when they are at the job. So, they keep digging the technology all day long and also make purchases online, online opinions and even they can remotely monitor their tweens and teens using the technology using parental control apps and location tracking tools to the fullest.


Life as a digital mom could be hectic, but with the use of the technology at right time at the right place, digital moms are quite satisfied especially in terms of digital parenting.


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