Jeff Bezos -The world richest man in Pajama why ?

When a world richest person wearing pajamas suit and appear in the meeting, Of course all the views of the participants will be focused on it, The CEO of Amazon Company, Jeff Bezos, had recently taken the same move, but an important message behind it was hidden.

Jeff Bezos participated in Board meeting in the blue pajamas suit on the Wednesday, which photos were viral on social media. Later he shared a few pictures of the board meeting in Night Suite on the Instagram and explain the choice of this dress.

Jeff Bezos said that the month of September is a month of childhood cancer awareness, and every year, Amazon shares partnership with the American Child Hood Cancer Organization to provide information regarding childhood cancer.

He said that the second major reason for the deaths between 4 to 14 years in the US is to be a child’s cancer. Jeff Bezos wrote, that today, people associated with Amazon can work wearing pajamas suits and become part of the mission to provide cancer information.

He further wrote that through Go Gold Boxes, he is also giving information regarding childhood cancer that will be available during the September. At last Jeff wrote that before he never felt himself calm as much as he was feeling in today’s board meeting.


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