Inside the Capsule – 26

Millie had travelled to the city to find a possible new home for the family.   Successful,  and having driven all night, she slept the rest of the day.

When she woke, she relaxed ate, and was on the road just before dawn.  She stopped for lunch and relaxed a bit, having all the time in the world.

She arrived home in the late afternoon.  The family was together in a celebration.  The house was more than they imagined.  Margaret took a break from her study, and went to bed that night full of dreams.

In the morning, she went to school, and came home to study.

Her parents were aware this was the most important time in her academic life.  They quieted talk of the new house, and helped her focus on study.

The point was to do well, get high grades, obtain that scholarship to one of those schools she had dreamed of attending.   It was amazing that she had  gotten though all these months in this horrible town, unscathed.


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