Inside the Capsule – 17

Margaret returned to school in January, to her this was the hardest part of the ‘journey’.   The first months, September/October were novelties, and she looked towards the Christmas Break with longing.

From January until Easter it was going to be the most work, the greatest need to keep out of the dramas.

Unfortunately, the term began with a ‘scandal’ ,   Margarent had been so locked into her own capsule it was only hearing about it on the evening news that removed it from the ‘white noise’.

The tension, however was judged good, as it distracted the mean girls and other fauna from her.

She did very well on her midterms, was reading ahead, taking mock exams, and somehow made it to March, counting down the days to the brief Easter Vac when she would ‘escape’ this horrible town and it’s people.


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Written by jaylar

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