Inside the Capsule – 15

Millie, having nothing to do, had time to investigate the ‘incident’  which fascinated the town, and found it puerile.   It was more noise than action.

The teacher had not propositioned any one.   What was written on the Board was a topic for the debating club. One student had taken a photo with his phone and posted it on Facebook.

Although it could be debated whether he meant to provoke a scandal or had done so innocently, Millie had her opinion.

This was an evil little town, the kind seen in Horror movies.   Millie was sure the boy intended to cause the uproar.  And Millie was also sure that the town embraced it to divert from the real scandals.

Although people assume that small towns are family based, unlike the wild cities, what Millie saw, and heard almost inadvertently,  was beyond belief.

It was as if everyone was committing adultery, covering up crimes,  and never experiencing any punishments.

Where Sam had his job and Margaret had school, Millie had little to do except move around, overhear conversations, view secretive meetings, and avoid the calls of her boss who could not manager without her.

The ‘Incident’  remained the centre of life in town until March.   It hid the unpleasant realities.


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