Inside the Capsule -14

During Xmas break,  Margaret and her mother, Millie went to a Spa for five days.  Sam didn’t get his leave until the 23rd.  Mother and daughter met Dad at a Hotel in the City where the reunion was joyful.

During the next few days they visited everyone they knew, went to their favourite spots, and enjoyed themselves.

Sam had to get back by the 2nd, so they returned to the town on the 1st.

Millie did cleaning with Margaret’s help. When school began, Margaret returned  to class, counting the days to Easter Break.

During the next few weeks there was some uproar at the school about a particular teacher, and certain students.

Margaret learned about it on the evening news, for to her, the voices of her classmates had become white noise.

The excitement abated, but the students continued to discuss the event. Margaret avoided it. She couldn’t care less.

The disruption in lessons was her only notice.   Margaret spent a lot of time in the library, reading ahead, taking mock tests.


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