Indiocracy – Test

In the 1990s a computer programmer  was playing one of the mindless games with an intellectually limited child.

The child did not speak, he had no comprehension, yet, was beating the programmer.

The programmer thought before he acted.  He looked at the screen and made decisions.  The child was incapable of that kind of thought, and simply fired.

Looking at the images taken from above the console, facing the players, one is astounded by the blankness of the child’s face, the concentration on that of the programmer.

The test was to prove that mindlessness was a prerequisite to win this kind of act without thought game.

The fact was that much of what is done on computers is done without thought.  Point click. No thought,no need to be conscious of what one is doing.

The ‘smart phones’ are similar in their presentation.   One is not to think but to be captured by the screen.

Seeing people at the World Cup  focusing on capturing the game on their phones instead of giving themselves over to the match is an example of today’s reality.

The taking of ‘selfies’  seems pointless to someone who is not part of the mindless culture.

In ancient days one would have experiences so as to feel and think and be there.  Today, taking the selfie, filming the now instead of living it, is common.

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