I was died for five minute at the age 24

My lips were blue, I had stopped breathing, My heart was stopped, I was died for five minutes, but I guess what the doctors have done to restore my life. These are the words of 27-year-old Laura de , who told in an interview  three years ago about her incident when she had a heart attack.

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Laura further said, ‘I told my colleague that I feel weak and i fell down. My partner saw me on the ground, and she first felt i am joking. Like many other people, Laura did not even realize that she is inclined to heart disease.

Laura D. have a disease called ‘Long QT’ which affects heart rate and takes more time to recharge between heart muscles. Professer Behar are researching in this regard to find out what the genetic traits of heart attack are, So that this information can help prevent sudden death in the future.

I’m lucky.  Laura says that talking about this disease in front of the public, she hopes that more lives will be saved. ‘I want the youth to try to understand that it can be with them.’ The heart disease does not matter to anyone’s age. ‘


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