How you Find the Rental Property of your Dreams

Everyone needs their own place, but not everyone has a brick in their stomach . Would you prefer not to own property yet, with all the responsibilities involved? Or do you not want to settle down in UK? Then renting is the ideal solution. But renting is best not rushed. What should you pay attention to? You can read it here!

Do you want to rent a house? First determine your budget!

It is easy to fall head over heels in love with a home, but can you afford it? So consider before you start and set up a realistic budget. Take into account the guarantee and additional costs such as joint maintenance (elevator, corridor, etc.) and costs for water, electricity and insurance.

Find the rental property of your dreams

You will not find the home of your dreams overnight. Make it a habit to consult real estate websites daily, browse local websites where you can hunt for your new house, speak to your network and occasionally walk around the neighborhood where you want to live.

If you’re a Polish and looking for a house or apartment in UK where people speak and understand Polish, then Syrenka is the best place for you. This is the website where you can find Polish people living in the UK. You can find here good number of houses / apartments for available for rent by Polish people. Found something that you like? Then pick up the phone and make an appointment immediately. If necessary, confirm a telephone appointment by e-mail, but never let the latter be the only form of communication, because it may happen that your dream house is hijacked in front of you.

Tip: Are you going to view a property? Then take a checklist with you: Is there double glazing? Logical placement of sockets? What is the EPC value? What is the heating system? Are there mold spots? You name it!

Read your lease carefully before signing it

Has the search paid off? Then it’s time to sign the lease. Read this carefully! This includes the rental price, the duration of the contract, the monthly charges, insurance and possibly a location description. The latter is not mandatory, but highly recommended. If on your departure you have a discussion with the owner about the condition of the property, a detailed description of the location will prevent any disputes.


Spreading loans over a longer period of time could also reduce the difficulty of acquiring another home. In addition to the more difficult financing, especially now that uncertain economic times are starting again, the increased attention for the EPC score is also a factor that can put a brake on the dynamics of the real estate market.


Now that you have signed the contract for your rental property, it is time to withdraw. Unfortunately, moving is not always fun. With an extensive checklist you can start your move without stress!


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