How You Can Take The Stress Out Of Moving House

When you are selling your old home and looking to move somewhere new, things can start to get stressful quickly. It is hard enough to move if you live alone, but if you are moving a whole family, things will pile up. Here are some tips to help you relieve some of the stress.

Start Shedding Early

Ask yourself which of your possessions you can get rid of as soon as you know you are going to move house. Be ruthless when it comes to items that you have not used in months. Find out if expensive items you own are out of stock online. Strike while the iron is hot and make a profit. 

Avoid Rushing

Give yourself as much time to find a new home as possible. Draw up a list of what your family needs from a new home. Stay firm on the essentials. Talk to friends in the area you are moving to for advice on real estate agents and neighborhoods. Divide tasks between you and your partner and check in regularly on each other’s progress.

Don’t Overspend

Make a budget before you start looking at properties. Look at your credit score and see if there is anything you can do to improve it. Maintain good spending habits and keep paying your bills and debts on time. Cut as much as you can from your leisure budget and save luxuries until things are more stable. Use a home loan calculator to see what kind of mortgage you are looking at. 

Don’t Overthink 

Put yourself in the buyer’s shoes when selling your property. Get rid of as much junk and clutter as possible before you start showing it. Hire a professional cleaner to conduct a deep clean. Focus on key areas such as the bathroom, kitchen, and bedroom. Get your heaters, fire places and chimneys inspected for an up-to-date safety certificate. Pay for repairs before you list your property. Include the recent surveys and improvements on your listing. Avoid making big structural changes to your property before you sell. Work on your front yard and exterior to make the best first impression. 

Don’t Forget The Admin

Make a list of every move-related expense. Fix dates in the diary for when the move needs to be completed by. Notify energy suppliers and other companies and providers about your change of address before the move. Schedule the install of internet at your new property as soon as you can. Find out if you need to register with a new doctor and do so as soon as possible. Update your insurance information. 


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