How to Organize Your Day to Get a Lot Done: Top 5 Tips

Maybe you keep putting things off. Perhaps you procrastinate and wait for the perfect time to come. Maybe you just never take time to plan and organize yourself. However, the fact remains that, for whatever reason, you are a disorganized person who doesn’t use time, a limited resource well, and as a consequence, fails to achieve desired goals.

But, you are also the one who can change it and learn how to organize your day to get more things done. With the help of the following tips, you will be able to manage your everyday activities efficiently.

Preparation is the key to good organization

Benjamin Franklin said: “By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.” As you can see, proper preparation is the key to excellent organization and getting more things done. But, what does adequate preparation imply?

First of all, planning. Creating a list of your tasks for the following day the night before brings clarity and order to your time management. Also, with this practice, you make a commitment in a way to accomplish those assignments. It is recommended to use a planner with time slots and schedule every task in the appropriate time.

Secondly, make sure you clean your working space the night before and remove the clutter that creates distractions. A neat and clean environment makes it easier to concentrate and work.

Eliminate distractions

Even the master plan can be shaken by notorious “ping!” from a text message, email, social networks or phone calls. Every time you get interrupted, your focus needed to get the work done is disturbed. Naturally, later on, it takes some time to get in the workflow, so it’s no wonder why you need hours to get a simple task done.

Therefore, determine sources of your distractions and find a way to eliminate them. For instance, if your smartphone stands in the way of your productivity, move it away from your desk or turn on the Airplane mode.

Likewise, if you can’t help yourself from checking your inbox or surfing the Internet, use Freedom to control distractions, block unwanted websites when needed and reclaim your focus and productivity.

Work smarter, not harder

John Harper, the HR in Essay Have Reviews service and reviews service, says: “To get more things done, it’s crucial to work smarter, meaning to learn how to organize all obligations and execute them efficiently.”

First, divide large and complex tasks into smaller chunks. That way, you will avoid feeling overwhelmed and intimidated by difficult assignments, but also you will complete them more easily and quickly.

Then, get the most challenging responsibilities done first. Starting your day with the hardest and most important tasks will ensure that you accomplish objectives that truly make an impact on your work. Likewise, it will give you a sense of satisfaction that will motivate you to keep up the good work.

Last but not least, delegate some assignments that you’re not good at or that don’t have a positive effect on your overall performance. For example, delegate some writing assignments that you have to professional best resume writing services or ninja essays service and in that way make more time for tasks that really matter.

Take good care of yourself

One of the biggest mistakes people usually make is that they work without breaks, hunched over their computer without getting up. Breaks are essential for restoring motivation, increasing productivity and creativity, as well as improving learning abilities. Hence, it is counterproductive to work non-stop. It will only drain your energy and accumulate unnecessary stress and tension.

Use Pomodoro timer to remind you to take a break after 20 minutes of working. Make sure you use that time to get up and stretch a little bit. This simple routine will do wonders for your productivity.

Besides, don’t forget to drink water regularly throughout the day. While working, you easily get carried away and forget to take care of your basic necessities. Keeping your body hydrated will improve your concentration, and therefore entire efficiency.

Reward yourself

The last piece of the puzzle for good organization and enhanced performance is rewarding yourself. Whenever you complete a task successfully, whenever you don’t give up when things get harder or whenever you manage to keep your discipline, those times deserve an award.

So, don’t shy away from complimenting yourself for doing a good job, Be generous when it comes to praise. Besides, treat yourself with something that you like. For instance, indulge in a new movie, a pleasant massage or a tasty dinner at the restaurant. In other words, do whatever makes your soul happy.

As a result, rewarding yourself has a beneficial impact on future work. It helps you stay motivated, become more self-confident and have a positive attitude regarding new challenges and projects.

To conclude

It takes a lot of time and effort to develop new habits and routines, so don’t give up when the things don’t go like you imagined. Just be patient and persistent! Take one step at the time and pave the way to a perfect organization.


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Written by Lauren Adley

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