How to enjoy your time alone?

It’s important to spend some time alone in solitude. Solitude gives you the time for introspection. It also gives you time for self care and pampering yourself. Not everybody is able to enjoy time alone but it is needed once in a while.

But time alone doesn’t mean being glued to the internet and the virtual world. When you have decided to spend time alone, then stay away from internet and social media as well and truly spend time with yourself.

I take out some time alone everyday when I meditate and chant. Meditation is the best way to spend time with yourself. Another good way is to write in your journal which gives you an opportunity to reflect and introspect. Gardening is another way to spend time with nature and yourself or you may consider going for a long walk alone.

Reading is another activity which I immensely enjoy. If I have a good book to read, then I don’t need anybody else. For some, a good way to enjoy time alone can be to pamper themselves with a spa or a facial. For some, it may be rolling out their yoga mats and doing the asanas. There are numerous ways to enjoy your time alone which provide the much needed peace in life.


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