How can you fix something that’s done damage?

Hello everyone welcome to another vlog or post that I am posting. I’m calling it how can you fix something that’s already damaged. Well here it goes back a few years ago I got the best father’s day gift you can ask for my step son came in to the picture and at first he was so cool I thought I was going to have a son that I never had then he moved in with his dad and for some reason could not get along with his dad so he pretty much moves in with his mom and i not even asking and I guess it was cool. Then now here comes the worst part he was playing video games and I was busy doing something and he was like come watch me play video games I’m like I am busy doing something right now and he was like whats the use of having a step father if he don’t wanna watch me play video games. How am I supposed to bounce back from a comment like that we still to this day really don’t get along. How can you fix something that’s done damage like that??


What do you think?

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