Hibernating in February

Thursday, 2.7.19

For the past two weeks, I have felt like hibernating for the winter with my teddy bears. Maybe it is the rainy wet season and cold chill in the air that discourages me from going out much. But I haven’t felt like going to the gym recently, especially during the early morning classes and evening classes. I sometimes still go to the noon classes. Anyway, I woke up this morning and decide to skip the 9:30 am yoga class. I slept in until 7:45 am, woke up to feed Gumby, and ate my breakfast. I probably need my sleep anyway because I always seem to tire myself out, running around everywhere from morning to evening hours, like when I was in my 20s. I think this lifestyle is getting harder at my age, although if I sleep early, I can still maintain a similar lifestyle into my old age. Sometimes, I just have crappy sleeping habits, and it’s not intentional. It just happens that way due to current circumstances or situation.

I turned on the television on some indie channel, and the Al Gore sequel movie came on, which sounds so boring. I guess he was promoting the climate crisis agenda.

As I type this post, I turn my head to the TV, then towards the slide door to notice bright sun rays coming towards me. The other very bright sun ray is coming down  from the horizontal window in the small foyer. And, it is very bright that I thought I had a light on or something spiritual because it felt very positive and hopeful.

But I still seem to go out if it is an entertaining activity.


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