Hey Stupid…. She Likes You! 6 Signs A Women Gives When She Likes You | Female Flirting 101

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Today I’m going over how to know if she or he whatever you’re into is flirting with you tells me, we’re great at a lot of things, but identifying when specifically a young lady or a dude, whatever you’re into is flirting with us this is one thing that we’re like I think she might be maybe she’s not what if she’s just friendly she’s not friendly she’s flirting and so now to help you identify when this is actually happening I’d like to go over six signs that darh like don’t even question it she wants a piece of bark.

Number one sign that she is flirting with you is she’s playing with her hair touching it fixing it toying around with it women’s hair is a language, unfortunately that we as men do not speak, but anytime she starts talking to you and messing with it that means basically I want to lick your face proceed with caution.

Sign number two she accidentally touches you let me clarify that she purposely touches you as dudes were like was she touched me was it an accident did she does she touch everybody she does not it was purposeful and deliberate and it sends the message there’s more where that came from the cowboy.

Sign number three she laughs at your stupid jokes you’re funny but not that funny if she’s laughing at your little corny jokes, then typically this means that she is indeed interested if she combines a lamp with a touch o giddyap.

Sign number four she smiles at you with her eyes stick this out, here’s a smile that you would give somebody at like the line of Starbucks like a good to see you yeah but when somebody’s smiling with their eyes Hey everything in this say starts to react we use a zillion different muscles in our face when we smile but our eyes it’s one of those things where it engages when we’re smiling seriously the next time she smiles at you pay attention to the peeper.

Sign number five she gives you a compliment hey, I love your fill-in-the-blank oh my goodness that shirt is amazing your shoes are so cute oh my god you have amazing skin.

Sign number six she asks you to do anything.


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