Good Cute Gift Ideas for Your Girlfriend

The first thing you need to understand is the fact that an ideal gift often depends on what you’re aiming for or what’s the occasion. And while you can already make your girlfriend feel delighted any day with some hand picked flowers or funny, romantic messages on free ecards by JibJab, a well-thought gift for a special day is really important to show your love and thoughtfulness. A birthday gift, an anniversary gift and a Christmas gift will, by necessity, be quite different. A gift for Valentine’s doesn’t have nearly as grand as the Birthday or the anniversary one. Also, depending on the occasion, your aim may differ. You may aim for cute, thoughtful, unique, special, romantic or something else entirely. Now, while “the list” itself, is quite unique for every girl out there, here are five ideas that will help steer you in the right direction.

  1. Candle making kit

Let’s be completely honest and admit that there are few girls out there who haven’t thought at least once about quitting her job and starting her own candle-making business. The very idea of making scented candles is soothing. In fact, in some cases, it’s just as soothing as actually using one. The problem lies in the fact that these candle making kits aren’t something that every household out there has, which means that they never actually got a chance to experience it first-hand. By gifting her an amazing kit like Nature’s Blossom Soy Candle Making Kit (which you can get for less than $50), you can turn your gift into an amazing experience (or even a real hobby).

  1. Short robe

There’s no simpler and more elegant investment in one’s leisure than getting a short robe. When opting for one, Blanche II short robe is a fail-proof scenario, and it’s possible to find one just under $100. The reason for going with such a high-end brand is the fact that the quality of the robe, as well as its practical value, is often determined by its softness, cosiness and warmth. While the robe itself is ideal for lounging and napping, it’s also great to cuddle in. Therefore, by investing in it, you’ll be at least partially guilty of getting something that you alone will get to enjoy.

  1. Monogram phone case

Previously, we’ve mentioned one gift that’s great for a hobby and another that can be used in one’s free time. However, what if you aimed to pick a gift that provides your audience with absolutely everything they need. What if you’ve decided to get them an item that they’ll use on a daily basis? Well, when it comes to this, it simply can’t get any better than opting for an amazing monogram phone case. This kind of gift is incredible because it satisfies so many criteria at once. First, it makes the gift luxurious, inexpensive and unique at the same time. Also, seeing as how it has to be ordered in advance (so that it can be properly customized), it shows that you haven’t just gone to the store and got the ma last-minute case.

  1. Long-distance touch lamp

One of the best gifts for someone with whom you’re in a long-distance relationship is a long-distance touch lamp. These two lamps are connected via Wi-Fi, and when one of them is touched, the other one gets illuminated. Speaking of cute gifts that speak volumes about how distance cannot stand in the path of true love, it simply doesn’t get any better. Sure, these lamps may not be ideal for a reading nook (unless you have a tradition of reading at the same time in the evening), but they do have a surprising amount of pragmatic value for something that is meant to be ornamental.

  1. Fujifilm Instax Mini Instant Camera

There’s nothing more nostalgic and romantic than a polaroid. The ability to commemorate a moment together is simply astounding. Also, the fact that a single shot makes a single image makes it all feel a lot more unique. Fortunately, those who plan to get their partner a polaroid don’t have to go scavenging through an antique store. Instead, they can just get a device like Fujifilm Instax Mini 9 Instant Camera and provide their girlfriend with the gift of their dreams.


All in all, when it comes to picking an ideal gift for your girlfriend, it’s not about how much money you spend or even how much effort you make. It’s about demonstrating how well you know her by gifting her that one item she always wanted to have but never actually got around to getting. You see, there are some items which, although incredibly cute, simply don’t quite reach high enough spot on the priority list. This is your opportunity to make her special by getting you some of the items on this list.


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Written by FaithMcGregor