Garden lighting ideas: make it shine

Lighting for a garden, a summer residence, or a country house plays not only a decorative role but also creates optimal conditions for safe movement in the dark. Often, lighting fixtures become part of the landscape design, creating a spectacular appearance of the territory and adding unique details.

Decorative and functional solutions

When choosing light sources, it is important to choose solutions that will have an attractive appearance, fit into the overall landscape, but at the same be functional, practical, and create an optimal luminous flux. In this article, we will take a look at some lighting options that you should consider.


Wall-mounted lighting

Stylish outdoor sconces play an important decorative role and complement the exterior of any home. In addition to the classic design, there are also unusual floodlights with motion sensors. In addition to lighting, they also perform a security function. Mounting of wall lighting fixtures is carried out on garden rooms, sheds, gazebos, house facades and other auxiliary buildings, as well as on a fence around the perimeter.

Street lamps

This is the most common variant that comes in different sizes and styles. Structurally, this element consists of a plafond, a stand, and a special mount for standing on the ground or other surfaces. The summer house will be fully illuminated if floor lamps are placed in key areas. The number, height, and type are selected based on the area of ​​the territory and the characteristics of a particular site.

Floating lamps

If there is a pond, pool, or other body of water on the territory, this particular lighting option will be an interesting solution. The lamp is placed in a special cover that is moisture resistant. It can be transparent or translucent. The result is an interesting decor that plays more of an aesthetic rather than a functional role.

Organization of illumination of garden paths

All garden paths should be carefully lit for safe movement. In addition to stationary floor lamps and lanterns, special types of lamps are used.


This is an affordable, budget-friendly, and simple option that is small and lightweight. It is installed directly on the ground. The lamps are equipped with grilles or canopies for protection from external factors. They can easily be placed near exits, gates, paths, small architectural forms.


Unlike the previous type of lamps, they can be mounted not only on the ground but also on other types of surfaces. This is a good solution for concrete slabs, asphalt, porcelain stoneware, decorative stones, paving, etc. They are perfect not only for garden paths but also for the roadway and country house.

How to choose a device for optimal light output

Each type of lighting fixture has certain characteristics. Therefore, when choosing them, it is necessary to take into account not only the appearance but also the features of the device:

    1. Type of shade and dimensions of the fixture. They are selected depending on the characteristics of the landscape and area, as well as the environment. In some cases, it’s more practical to choose smaller models, and vice versa – some areas require large fixtures.

    2. The level of protection. Special requirements are imposed on street lamps, as they are constantly affected by temperature, precipitation, dust, moisture, wind, fog, and other factors. In addition, when it comes to pendant lamps and floor lamps, they must be fireproof, and the lamps must be covered with grilles. The safety index will give you more information. It is best to choose the protection level IP 65 and IP 66.

    3. Connection type. Before purchasing lighting equipment, you must first conduct electricity and also equip its protection. The voltage parameters of the device are indicated on the packaging. It is worth choosing models with built-in protective relays or a step-down transformer.

    4. Power supply. The range is represented by rechargeable solutions, mains powered, USB, and even conventional batteries. If the dacha is small, you can use portable rechargeable options. But large areas require network solutions.

Lighting fixtures are an important part of the site, therefore it is important to choose models that fit well into the chosen exterior style and will be an excellent addition to the landscape design.

Selecting the type of lamps

Whereas before there wasn’t such a large variety to choose from, now there are effective and economical options for any purpose and type of lighting fixture. At the same time, incandescent lamps are used less and less due to the high consumption of electricity, and fragility.


This is a widespread option due to its durability, low power consumption, and affordable price. They can work for a long time without any interruptions (if there are no constant voltage drops at the site). In addition, modern manufacturers offer many decorative solutions using LEDs. Another advantage of this type of lamp is the lack of heating even during prolonged work.

Energy saving

Energy-saving lights are also popular and energy-efficient, but not suitable for all types of street lights. In addition, most options require additional protection. But if a moisture-resistant cover is already installed, this will not be necessary.

Solar panels

This option allows you to save on electricity and use natural, environmentally friendly energy sources. Solar lamps are suitable only if the house or cottage is located in the southern climatic zone, and the devices have time to charge during daylight hours.

A properly designed lighting scheme for the garden and the surrounding area will really bring aesthetic pleasure to the owners. In addition, a well-lit area will scare away ill-wishers and provide the required level of travel safety.


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