Fun And Romantic Things Newly-Weds Can Do for spending Quality Time

After a great celebration of your wedding with all your friends and family, your real journey as a husband-wife kicks off. You must have dreamt of a big fat wedding at of the opulent weddings resorts in Delhi NCR and it even turned into reality, but it’s the afterlife that excites you even more. The courtship period must have been great but you still feel like continue to date your spouse which is one way to keep your romance alive. So to make your wedded life more interesting and filled with love here are some suggestions from our side… This will help you to share some quality time with your better half as we know going to the same cute bistro every weekend will eventually lose its charm.

Plan a movie night

Watching a movie together is a great way to spend some time together. You can go out and watch it at a theatre or even at home. This is simple and never go the wrong idea for newlywed couples. So, sit together, hold hands and just enjoy a good movie with your better half.

Arrange a romantic date at home

You both must be working and may get back home tired after a long day. So, to light up your mood you can plan a nice dinner date at home with some candles as well as your favourite cuisine followed by great music and wine. Trust us, nothing is as romantic as this.

Go for a short road trip

To spend the best quality time together, just pack up and drive away for a peaceful romantic getaway with your partner. Go to a nearby destination that you can cover in a day and relax together.

Attend a stand-up comedy show

Laughing together will help you to have a great time together and there is no other place to do it than attending a stand comedy show.

We will advise you to celebrate every day of your marriage and family. Celebrate those moments. Mark your calendar to celebrate your first date, the date you got engaged and, of course, your wedding to make your marital life a bliss.

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Written by Amit Tokas

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