Dust off your CV this Christmas!

Many people consider a change of job at this time of year and use the Christmas and New-year period to set the wheels in motion for a concentrated job-search come 1st January; the “New year, new job” mentality, is totally understandable, for some it may be something on their to-do list of even a new years resolution.

No matter what the key driver for the pending change, many will realise the need for an up to date CV to kick-off the application process; this is where the majority of people’s best intentions stall, perhaps due to lack of time, effort or knowledge of how to construct a professionally targeted CV, which will be attractive to pending employers or recruitment agencies.

A great CV is not easy to produce but is definitely a task we at HavenCareerHut can assist our clients with, but before you take the next step, here are a few basics for you to consider;

•Only 2 pages – this is still what most employers are looking seeking; most individuals should be able to fit their relevant skills, experience and qualifications within two pages of A4

•Keep it concise – logically ordered and targeted to the opportunity, do not include information for the sake of it, it all needs to be relevant

•No quirky fonts – go for something fairly plain, such as Ariel or Calibri. Size-wise, ideally should be an 11 or perhaps 12; remember not everyone has 20/20 vision!

•Professional email address – do not include anything which is intended to be funny or risque as both will result in your application being rejected immediately.  A CV is a reflection of your professional self – even down to the email address

•Keep it real – make sure all information is up to date, accurate and most importantly true….be aware, even the smallest “white lie” will be found out!

If you are struggling to compose a CV, update and/or refresh an existing document, we can help you with the process; so don’t stumble at this important stage, just drop an email through to us, we are more than happy to help.

Good luck – Haven Career Hut


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