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Don’t Hold Back Your Eyeliner

Learn the Proper Uses of 5 Types of Eyeliners

The eyeliner is your ultimate go-to makeup product that rings the best of your eyes. It defines the eyes, plays with their shape and creates a look suitable to any mood. Also, the eyeliner is crucial when it comes to giving the eyes freshness and seductiveness. However, there are many types of eyeliners on the market and they are not for interchangeable use. That is a mistake that most of do – using the wrong type of eyeliner for the effect we want to achieve. Because different types of eyeliners are designed for different purposes, take a look at this guideline and take notes which one suits your makeup needs.

Wood Eyeliner Pencil

If you are looking for the soft definition or smoky eye effect, use this type. It is bendable but it is also prone to creasing and running. To avoid smudges, the best way is to apply an eye shadow primer. It will lock the liner on the eyes instantly. Also, always use it freshly sharpened and don’t use the tip to dry – instead, tilt it and use the side. If you are going for a more thick look, draw a second line with slightly more pressure.

Twist Up Eyeliners

This type was created for people who love the formulation of wood eyeliner pencils but hate carrying around sharpener all the time. The formulation is the same but it is designed differently. You just twist the upper part up, and the eyeliner pops up. Plus, the packaging is an excellent solution for holding a waterproof formula because the wood eyeliner pencil will dry it out. Although this type has one disadvantage – when it is regularly used, it becomes blunt, which means that you can only use it if you want a blended rather than a sharp look.

Felt-Tip Liquid Eyeliner

A great solution for a matte, a liquid look that is applied effortlessly. This type has a spongy applicator in the shape of a felt tip and the formula inside the eyeliner is smooth and ink-like. With this type of liquid eyeliner, you can create a thick line with just one stroke. Also, consider that the formula is far more consistent than the brush-tip liquid eyeliners, so they are better for more bold and dramatic looks. You need to take special care when you close it because it will dry if you leave it without a lid.

Brush-Tip Liquid Eyeliner

This type of eyeliners is the most versatile in terms of formulas. The formulas can be matte, glitter and even patent leather shine. Also, it is fluid and much wetter than the mascara – so you would also have to wait for a few minutes to dry off and then proceed with the mascara. Take notice that this type is for the steady-handed people as it seeks great precision.

Cake Eyeliner

This eyeliner is in the form of a cream powder in a jar or tiny container. You also need a small brush to apply it. the brush needs to be wet so that you can apply an intense black line. The formula is very similar to the watercolour paint, so you would need to experiment with this look several times before getting just the right done.


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Written by Joshua Tipster

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