Donald Trump Claim, that France people need him

Washington: US President Donald Trump said that protesters in France are “We need Trump”  in the ongoing protests on oil prices in France. Francis people  do not agree on the announcement of Prime Minister Edwards for the suspension of oil price for 90 days.

The series of violent protests continues, more than a thousand people were wounded in recent clashes between police and protesters, Police arrested more than 1700 protesters, and protester are demanding the resignation of President Emanuel.

The US President has a tremendous claim in his tweet that protesters in France are calling for a “Trump” The US President further said that a deal between government and protesters in Paris did not prove to be rhetoric, protesters across the country are not ready to pay more.

Trump and his supporters, this misunderstanding, was due to re-viral the video of a gathering gathered to welcome at the arrival of US president in London. In this video, a person is wearing a trump mask, welcome the Trump in London.


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