Do you know Worst Enemies of your Carpet?

Cleaning the carpet is essential to keep it free from germs and leave it right. Homeowners often clean and vacuum the carpet only when it is very dirty. Dirt, dust, and grime or oil, along with other substances, can deposit on the carpet and make it soiled. A professional carpet cleaning service can help in keeping the dirt and dust away from the carpet and provides a fresh lease of life to it. There is no shortage of things that can destroy the carpet fibres. All you need is to identify them to protect your carpet.

The following points highlight the worst enemies of the carpet.

1. Eating candy on the carpet

You cannot prevent the children from eating candies on the carpet or restrict their activities despite repeated warnings. Kids can spoil the carpet with ink stain and rub their hands on the carpet while eating chocolates. The result is chocolate and ink stains on the carpet. You may also find them spoiling the carpet with chalk marks and a pencil. If you are not careful about regular cleaning of the carpet, the activities of your kids can make it unclean and messy all the time.

2. Moisture and water

Moisture and water are the other two enemies of our carpet, and constant exposure to them can damage the fibres extensively. Therefore, you need to pay attention to the storage of the carpet. It is necessary to keep it away from places that are damp and dark, such as the basement and garage. The UV ray of the sun is the other factor that can cast a dark spell on the colour of the carpet. Using the services of an expert carpet cleaning Bayswater allows you to keep the caret in the best condition.

3. Harsh chemicals and wrong cleaning equipment

One of the ways to destroy the carpet is using harsh soap and chemicals during the cleaning task and creates havoc on different types of carpet fibres. The most common effect of using a chemical is discolouration and spots on the carpet. Besides this, you may also notice weakness in the fibres and chemical burns due to using a chemical-based detergent for cleaning. A homeowner should pay attention to the nature of the soap or chemical that they use for the DIY carpet cleaning task.

As far as carpet cleaning equipment is concerned, people use different types of cleaning equipment, such as brushes to deep clean the carpet. Although a brush can work wonders for deep cleaning the carpet, some of them can cause more harm. Using a brush with rough edges can damage the soft and delicate fibres of the carpet or ruin it completely.

4. Pets and other factors

If you have dogs or cats in your house, the carpet becomes prone to damage. Pet urine and vomit not only stains the carpet but make it stinky as well. Besides this, spills from coffee, soda, milkshake, juice, and tea can also damage the fibre and the colour of the carpet. If you are facing trouble with unclean carpets, you should try to hire the services of experts to resolve the issue.

Keeping the shoes outside

Shoes can bring more dust and dirt than you can imagine, and they are one of the worst enemies of your carpet. If you come inside wearing the outdoor shoes, they can leave muddy prints on the carpet and pollutants from outside. You need to remove mud and dirt immediately to prevent the stain from becoming permanent.


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