Disclosure of the Most Hated Household Chore

In every household, the family members have their own preferences in doing their designated tasks. It is not always based on their interest or the liking of doing it. Thus, they do such household chores to abide by the simple rules. As they said, the family works as a team to make things organized on their modestly structured home.

In the United Kingdom, the Braun CareStyle Ironing Systems conducted research and disclosed the most hated household chores: cleaning the oven (30%), ironing of clothes (23%), and changing the bedsheets (20%). In terms of age group, it shows that 30% hated scrubbing the oven in all generations. For ironing the clothes, 18% of young people aged 16 to 34 and 27% aged 35 to 54 hated the chore.

Further studies also reflected the other chores hated in younger men and women: emptying the bin (15%), washing the dishes (14%), segregating material that can be recycled (7%), and the pairing of socks (8%). In contrary to the old age group, they are more productive in following the household chores: ironing (27%), cleaning the windows (19%), and defrosting the freezer (17%).

A household chore is really one of the toughest things to do. The incidence of doing certain tasks at home varies from one country to another. In Asian countries, some of the local people had their own way of handling such hard work. It wasn’t difficult because they are used to do manually and machines are the last resort in doing such household chores.

In the majority of the household chores, the male group is always in the lowest rank to endure it. Women are more patiently doing household chores and felt like therapeutic ways to unleashed themselves from stress. That’s the reason why women are the light of every household. Men’s role is to be a good provider and can assist in times of having a difficult task that needs to be done at home.


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Written by Steven Gamboa

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