Delhi to Kolkata Flight: Best Tips To Beat Flying Anxiety

Travelling from Delhi to Kolkata by air can be a daunting experience, especially for those with anxiety about flying. The thought of being thousands of feet in the air, surrounded by unfamiliar people, can be overwhelming and cause severe stress. But there are some tips to beat flying anxiety when travelling from Delhi to Kolkata by flight. In this article, we will explore these tips and discuss the best ways to combat fear and anxiety when taking a Delhi to Kolkata flight. Continue reading!

1. Determine Your Phobia 

Many of us think we have a flight phobia and start avoiding flights in general. But most times, the problem is seated at a deeper level. While some people are afraid of flight turbulence, others may be phobic of germs in a flight. In both cases, you need to determine what type of phobia you suffer from specifically. This will help you to combat your fear by rooting out the whole problem properly. 

2. Examine The Turbulence Forecast 

Although turbulence is a normal part of flying, some people may be genuinely fearful of them. Checking the turbulence forecast beforehand can help you prepare yourself accordingly. You can avoid worrying when you feel the sudden thud of flight on your seat. You can also try and study what brings flights to experience these turbulences. This will help you fight off any type of fear related to these turbulences in no time. 

3. Find Healthy Distractions 

Many-a-times, we are so deeply focused on our phobias that they tend to elevate and cause an increase in our flight anxiety. But you can break out of this simply using the right measures. Distraction could be the most powerful one to adopt. Listening to your favourite music, watching a pre-downloaded film on your device or reading a book on the flight can be the best ways to beat the phobia. 

4. Inform The Flight Attendants 

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Flight attendants are not just there to serve you but also to comfort you. They are there to make sure that you have a comfortable and smooth flying experience with them. Thus, informing flight attendants of your phobia could help them to distract you in certain situations. They may also be able to care for you accordingly and adopt the right measures when things go out of control. 

5. Go Through Safety Measures Properly 

If you have a phobia of feeling unsafe on flights and worrying that you may experience breathing issues, it is best to read through the safety manual provided under your seats. The safety measures help prepare you for any form of circumstance and comfort you until you arrive at your destination safely. 

Winding Up!

Flight anxiety is a serious concern among many passengers today. But with the tips we have put forward above, you are sure to have a comfortable flying experience. Don’t forget to inform your flight attendants so they can extend help when required. Have a safe flying experience!


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