To Defy Her Mother – 3

When Olive learned her daughter Claudia was giving birth to child with Down’s Syndrome, it was too late to advocate termination.

This is why Claudia never told her, because to defy her meant that Clauda would do what Claudia wanted, and then be angry at Olive.

Sadly, Olive knew a woman called Vickie who had lost everything to raise a child with Down’s Syndrome. She had heard the intricacies of the story.

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When Vickie gave birth to Zelda she no longer had time for her other children or for her husband Brad because taking care of Zelda was a full time job.

Brad began staying out, the kids were having sleep overs every weekend,.Vickie had Zelda. After a year of this, Zelda was all she had.

Her children never returned from a visit to Brad’s mother, and  Brad got a divorce.

Vickie couldn’t go anywhere without Zelda, and as the years passed, where everyone else had a life, her life was Zelda. She lost her friends, her interests, could never have a job, and lived off the alimony and child support that Brad sent her.

Brad married again and lived far away, her kids also married and lived their lives, and seeing them once a year, briefly was standard. Seeing Zelda 24/7 every day was Vickie’s life.

When Zelda was in her twenties she was like an eight year old, she couldn’t be left on her own, she had to be continually supervised.

It was all Vickie, for there was no one willing to help. If Vickie got sick she had to push on, for there was no one available to share part of the burden.

Olive knew this was going to be Claudia’s life. She knew that soon enough Claudia’s husband, Simon, would stop coming home, her other children would feel neglected,  and find other people to be parents.

In a year or two, Simon would get a divorce from Claudia and the children would go with him, or stay with his parents. He’d marry again, have another life.

Claudia would have her permanent baby.

Olive shrugged. That was Claudia’s choice.


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