To Defy Her Mother -2

Olive was not unaccustomed to Claudia making choices virtually ‘behind her back’. Even when in High School she had to get ‘spies’ to tell her what was going on.

Claudia never shared, never asked advice, would do something, then reveal.

Olive was pretty much out of Claudia’s life now. Considering they lived over a thousand miles apart, and Claudia was a grown married woman with two children, the fact she was pregnant with a third was no great shock.

But seeing Claudia huge in her third month, knew something was wrong, although angrily Claudia denied it.

Now, in her seventh month of pregnancy, Olive knew she was going to give birth to a baby with Down’s Syndrome and had hidden the truth, and still was hiding it, because Claudia knew Olive would have suggested an abortion.

Olive had an acquaintance, because Vickie did not have friends any more.  Having been married and bearing two children for her husband, Brad, she also became pregnant with a child who would be born with Down’s Syndrome.

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Her husband advocated termination, even her kids didn’t want her to go through with it.  But Vickie was going to do what Vickie wanted.

From the day Zelda was born it was the end of Vickie’s life.


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