Deep Thoughts

Photos courtesy of City Taco.

Today is national taco day, and in honor of such a great day, here are my deep thoughts.

If your idea of cooking is making nachos, cooking, is nacho calling.

If no one invites you out for coffee, it’s probably because you’re chakka always be latte.

If you don’t have an iphone, but get an imijo hug for Christmas from your grandma, consider yourself fortunate.

If you know what a pink taco is, you are a Xicana lesbiana.  Congratulations.

If you are having chips and guacamole, and you get a call, just say, “Avo call you later.”

If you want a Mariachi band to play at your birthday party, don’t confuse your girlfriend by saying, “Will you mariachi me?”, unless you have a ring!!

If you go to a double Quinceanera, don’t ask the, “happy couple” how they met.  They are not a couple, and now they are not happy.  (Thanks to you.)

If your girlfriend asks you, whose number this is, just say, “I just called Jose.  I love you.”

If you are dating a Mercedes, just make sure she isn’t previously owned by her on again, off again stalker girlfriend.


What do you think?

Written by Maria Ayala


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