Creative and Unusual Ideas for Children's Birthday Parties

Today, kids have pretty much everything available to them with a click of a mouse. However, their birthday party is an offline experience but they still expect to have the fun of a lifetime year after year. Simple printing postcards, securing a cake with their favorite cartoon character, and hiring a clown doesn’t cut it anymore so parents have to come up with ever more creative ideas for their children’s birthday party. We can help with this so here are the 7 of the most unusual ideas for kids’ birthday parties.

You can never have enough balloons

What is it about a stretched out piece of rubber filled with air that attracts children so much? Since you’re not a philosopher you needn’t answer this question but merely provide enough balloons for the party. All you have to know is that there is no such thing as too many balloons. They are inexpensive to get so orders hundreds of them and a balloon blowing machine to ensure the party is a hit. Go for different colors, prints, and even balloons shaped like animals.

Tap into the kid’ drive to paint

Children, especially small children, are mesmerized with painting tools like crayons, chalk, and coloring pencils. You can tap into this intrinsic urge by providing them with plenty of opportunities to draw and paint. Of course, we are not referring to the walls of your house as a provisional canvas but whiteboards and large sheets of paper for children to draw on.

Since these utensils retail for a fairly low price, consider getting each child a mini chalkboard of their own to draw their favorite characters. After the party is over, you will be left with some impressive pieces of children’s art.

Face painting

Speaking of painting, why not raise the things to a whole new level. Artists can paint children’s face so they look like their favorite animal or cartoon character. In fact, professional kids face painting is the ideal activity to bring some peace to the party, as children have to sit down and not move while artists perform their magic. This activity is ideal for periods between games to trick the children into sitting down and having a rest or a snack afterward.

It’s all one big adventure

A themed party is nice but the storyline is more important. Children should feel as if they’re part of a big adventure that is meaningful to them. A scavenger or a treasure hunt is, therefore, are ideal activities you can include. If you keep the children focused on a goal while playing, they are less likely to close up and run back to their parents whom you want to chat over a drink. The adventure will require some preparations in advance because you have to hide the “treasure” and meticulously place the clues around the house and the backyard.

A party in nature

Summertime is ideal for parties because they can be held outdoors. Even an Indian summer will do fine for an October outdoor event. Nature provides the ideal party setting that will require little additional decorating. If you can, try to organize the party in your or your neighbor’s backyard to max out the fun.

The children will have plenty of room to run around and play games that you played as a child as well, such as hide and seek or rainbow tag. Of course, first check that the yard is safe for children to play in, meaning the fence should not have large holes and the gardening tools should be locked away in the shed.

An indoor cinema

Most children have already been to the pictures and they probably loved the experience: all-you-can-eat popcorn and nachos, a dark room, and a huge screen in front of them. You can replicate this experience in your home with an evening screening of a popular children’s show or a film.

Delegate one kid to be the usher and the other one can validate tickets, just like in a real cinema. Turn off the lights and let the children enjoy the picture. If it’s a scary film, then some rudimentary 3D effects like turning the lights on and off are more than appropriate.

A new sport to try out

Depending on the part of the world you live in, local kids have probably already played the most popular sports, such as football or basketball. However, you can try and interest them in an exotic sport that hardly anyone plays in your country. For instance, if you live in Australia, a game of American football would be fun to try out with the gear and all. Children will go back home full of anecdotes and impressions about the game they just played for the first time.

These were just some of the ideas for your child’s next birthday party. As you have seen, there are always new ways in which you can surprise children, which is not a small thing, as kids nowadays are hard to make laugh.


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