Country Girl – part 24

Hazel and Yvonne had seen and heard it before.

In their village, Zelda had gone after a man named  Keenan.   He lived with a woman called Tarika.   They were happy, had been happy.   Then Zelda had gone after Kee; as she called him.

The same kind of pasted face over another body photos,, the same fantasy that he was her boyfriend.

Zelda had gone into his flat, stripped naked, lay in his bed, waiting.

Tarika had come in and found her.

Zelda babbled about how Kee was her man.

Tarika made a lot of noise, her neighbours came in.  They took up Zelda, naked, and threw her on the road.

The police came, Zelda was taken to the station, then sent to a mental hospital.

She pretended to be cured, came home.

Hazel,  unable to deal with the shame had sent Zelda to Dottie.   Sent her, hoping the change of scenery would lead to a change of behaviour.


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Written by jaylar

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