Country Girl – Part 2

Zelda was the average country girl who  comes to town.  She seemed amazed by everything she saw, was grateful for everything given.

She cleaned the house, waking early  ,prepared breakfast, was almost excited by the chance to run a washing  machine.   Dotty and Phil went to work wondering if they hadn’t just gotten a live in maid.

Zelda prepared dinner when they came home, and they thanked her and discussed meals and products and that on Monday they’d help her find a job.

Zelda  had this mindless smile she wore,  making them wonder if she wasn’t a bit retarded, but they didn’t speak to her about it, only whispered in the bedroom.

They took her shopping, bought food, a few items for her wardrobe.

They called around and found  her a job working in a shop.   They took her there, introduced her, and the owner liked her and agreed to take her on.

When Minna called, Phil could tell her that the room was taken.   Minna was angry and said a lot of things she ought not have said, but Dotty was quite happy she had.

Her diatribe was the end of Minna as unwanted house guest for the foreseeable future.  Dotty couldn’t be more pleased if she had won the lottery.


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Written by jaylar

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