Country Girl – part 11

Zelda  worked at the bar for three months.   Av and Dulcie usually dropped in on Tuesday and Thursday.  Usually, for they had missed a few days, and sometimes came with other couples, so that Av didn’t even see Zelda.

Zelda had to do something to get close to him, and during her off hours  went looking for them.  She never found their home.

She decided to steal Dulcie’s  phone so she  ould return it.

It wasn’t hard.  Dulcie had put the phone on the table,  Zelda was able  to slip it into her pocket.

The next day she called Av; whose number was on the phone.

Speaking in her best and most seductive voice, she said she’d drop it off,asking for his address.

Av, not particularly concerned said he’d tell Dulcie, who’d stop by the bar to pick it up.


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Written by jaylar

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