Country Girl – 15

Zelda’s mother, Hazel, called Dottie.   It had been six months since her daughter left country for town, and not a word.

As  Hazel didn’t have a number for Zelda, she called Dottie, greeted her,  than asked to speak to Zelda.

Dottie explained to Hazel how Zelda had left for a job with Martha.   She tried to make it seem that it was a wonderful opportunity and came with a free room.

Hazel was  pleased,  then asked when was the last time Dottie had seen Zelda,

Dottie realised she hadn’t seen Zelda since she had left.   She didn’t knowhow to phrase it, for she didn’t want it to seem that she was saying;

I got your daughter a job, dumped her  there and ran, away”  so didn’t answer, just gave her Martha’s number.

When Dottie hung up she wondered why Zelda hadn’t stopped by or called. Why  hadn’t Zelda called her mother?

And why had she and Phil avoided Martha’s shop since Zelda began working there.

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